Joker meets Joker

by - November 21, 2019

What a brilliant storyline, bringing mental health into the public eye and allowing people to talk about it more freely. Showing the downfall of a person and the development of an illness; rather than just showing Arthur as a born madman. Arthur never would have transformed into the ‘Joker character’ if it weren’t for his deteriorating mental health, but his mental illness(es) wasn’t entirely responsible for that transformation; it was the loss of purpose that pushed Arthur over the edge. Even the relationships he thought he had were all an illusion. Arthur discovered some awful secrets in his adulthood about his mother; learning that she was a dangerous and hyper delusional narcissist. She also stood by her partner during Arthur's childhood, her partner abusing Arthur - This played a huge part in his troubled mental state.

As an inspiration to my art, here we have the Joker split in two. A battle of persona, a fight for sanity.

I have used a mix of Morphe brushes, Snazaroo brushes and sponges, unbranded brushes from ebay.
Snazaroo face paints: White, Bright Red, Blue, Black
Lunar Beauty, Strawberry Dreams: Haze, Blue Sky
Jeffree Star: Redrum Matt Lipstick
Sapphire Wigs: Beauty Town Green Lace Front Wig
Pinky Paradise: EOS Dolly Eye Green [Yearly]
Grillz: Amazon Seller
Eyelure lashes
The most difficult part of this look was probably trying to write letters on myself in the mirror.
I recorded the whole makeup look, so I will be putting together a tutorial video very soon and launching that over on my Youtube channel. I haven't posted any videos in a while but I have just moved house so now I have some space I am hoping to start filming regularly.

Have you seen the Joker film yet? What do you think of the joker makeup?


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  1. This is such a cool look! I absolutely loved the Joker.
    Soph - x

  2. Oh my... great job, fantastic make-up!
    Kisses, Paola.


  3. OMG this is such a stunning make up. How you present two sides of Joker is amazing work. Thank you for sharing.

    New Post -

  4. What an amazing makeup So complex and you did a wonderful job Awesome look xoxo Cris

  5. Yo! You look simply gorgeous. I love this creative art look.

  6. This is a very cool makeup. I am curious about, how much time did it take for you to make it? Anyway, the result was worth it.