Vintage Carnival - Nottingham

by - September 25, 2018

Back on the 1st September I went to the Vintage Carnival - An event I have been desperate to attend for a few years, but due to other commitments I have never been able to. This Year I was finally available to attend so I pulled together a cute vintage outfit, pretty last minute so I went with a vintage dress and some white pumps; hair up in a curly ponytail with a quiff.

I have always loved vintage muscle cars so I was really in my element!
I'm not even usually one for pink things, but I have to admit - a Cadillac Coupe looks pretty sweet in pink!

This event was held at  Nottingham Racecourse, a perfect location for the immaculate greenery.
There were plenty of local businesses with pop up stalls, trailers and vans which is always good to see. 

The spirit of the people at the event was something else; the majority all dressed up in their vintage outfits, drinking retro cocktails and dancing to the live band music.
It was a little surprising to see the variety of ages attending, I love muscle cars and vintage elements so I really enjoyed it. There was some things for the children to do too; Toy Land Rover rides, helter skelters, ferris wheel, toys scattered around on the grass etc.

There was plenty of variety in terms of food and drink, possibly a little pricey but I guess it is a big event so its expectable. 
There were so many beautiful motors with their owners nearby, some for sale, others just in immaculate condition with unique traits and lavish interiors. A lot of the vintage cars feature leather seats and thin steering wheels - Some almost like that of a yacht. Plenty of Chevrolets, Dodges, VW Beatles... Cars with raised superchargers - Something I have only ever seen on American Car Shows in the past. I would have loved to have heard them start their engines!


Off on my way to get some food, I didn't feel like trying any Ostrich Burgers or anything of that sort.. I needed some vegetables and a decent meal as I had been away in Birmingham the week before on a work training course where the food wasn't too great.

I hope you are all having a good week, If anyone else loves vintage or muscle cars I would love to see your favourites!
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  1. Cool pictures. The pride of ownership, the thrill of viewership all of these cannot be explained to one who is a novice.

  2. Your outfits perfectly match with this carnival. Always loves such vintage looks..

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