Cheat Day... Cake Buffet

by - October 15, 2018

Whilst away in Birmingham training to be a croupier, the early mornings and late nights left me pretty tired! I was becoming quiet bored of the food to be honest, so I suggested to my friend Harley that we have a cake buffet... Turns out she was down for that!

We went over to a small restaurant across from where we was staying during our training planning to buy every dessert on the menu.
I did ask for a larger table at the entrance desk because I knew everything we was going to buy wouldn't fit on a smaller table; but I was told we could only have the smallest table (Even though the restaurant wasn't busy.

Anyway, we were seated at this little table and the waiter came over to take our order. So off I reeled pretty much the whole of the dessert menu, minus the peanut one because we don't like peanuts.
The waiters face whilst taking this order was slightly amusing *sorry dude* but he clearly either thought we was just two greedy girls, or he thought we was joking. He took our order down regardless and took it over to his boss... We watched.

It looked like a little staff meeting was called and there were a few glances our way with smiles and we couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed by this point. We then had the same waiter approach us and ask us if we actually want all of these puddings... Of course we do!
Then this happened again, and then the manager came over who was quite concerned, but I reassured him that it's a serious order and I am a blogger and I would like a bigger table. With that I was swiftly moved to a larger table...

 As you can see, we soon filled the table with our lineup of pudding contenders.

The Caramel Granny Apple pie - This one wasn't our favourite out of he lineup. I'm not too much of a fan of the toffee tint. Regardless it was laid out beautifully, paired with ice cream and cream. I wasn't a fan of the strawberry sauce which kind of clashed with the apple pie.

The one we thought we would hate... Surprisingly good! with a rich and creamy taste, swirled with strawberry compote throughout and had a beautiful texture that literally sliced like butter.

 The Cheesecake we wasn't really a fan of. It had a thicker consistency, not your usual squishy cheesecake. It was almost rubbery?

 The Mudslide Hot Chocolate cake was definitely my favourite, with a beautifully moist chocolate cake oozing with gooey hot chocolate ganache. Finished off with cream and drizzled with more chocolate sauce, making this dish a top contender for anyone with a sweet tooth and chocolate craving. Usually when I look at a dessert menu I'm almost torn between a classic apple crumble and a beautifully chocolaty pudding.. 99.9% of the time the chocolate wins. So this pudding definitely met it's match.
The Kinder Brenu Milkshake. 
Of course we needed something to wash to chocolates and cake down with. Right?
What better choice than a chocolaty creamy milkshake topped with squirty cream?
I did have a glass of water to cleanse the palate between every dish so each one stood a fair test though. 

The Oreo cake - This one was something I knew I wouldn't like but Harey would, I'm not a fan of Oreos but I did try a little just for the bloggy purposes. 

Ahhh the double chocolate cookie dough, now this dish there was a slightly funny story... It smelt so good when the waiter brought it to the table that I picked it up to take a closer sniff of the chocolatey scent, only the dish was boiling hot and I ended up catching my nose and chin on the dish - Don;t ask me how but it shocked me it was so hot. I almost threw it across the table! On the plus side I really enjoyed this pudding, with such a rich chocolate flavour, a mix of textures and baked perfectly so it was crisp on top but still gooey underneath.

Overall I would definitely recommend this place for your sweet cravings should you be out near Star City in Birmingham. Oodles n Oodles is actually a noodle/casual pan Asian cooking, however I hadn't had chance whilst I was away in Birmingham to give them a full review.
The restaurant itself was very clean and well presented, with industrial style lighting which I loved! There was lots of wooden decor,from tables and chairs to the frames, floors and interior wooden window frames, giving a classic rice house vibe with the twist of the modern interior.


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  1. Everything is so delicious and tasty. Very nice post.


  2. Now that's my kind of meal. Eat dessert first I always say!!

  3. Everything looks delicious! What a selection!

  4. Such a delicious time. Yes, cakes are definitely an all time favorite for all ages.

  5. How I wish I could fly there just to have that cheesecake ! Cake buffet is a really good idea for sweettooth like me , I guess (?)
    Nice post dear <3


  6. Oh yum, that would definitely be my kind of meal! I love cake! And chocolate! Shame not all the dishes were winners, but great you got to try and enjoy so many :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend. I had a busy day yesterday but today will be much more relaxed :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Yumm...These deserts are delicious

  8. Chocolate cake is a timeless favorite for any occasion for me...

  9. Having a dessert buffet like this is a great way for guests to finish up their meal in an exciting way and enjoy an event that is anything but boring.
    Leland West