Red Riding Hood

by - October 29, 2018

What if Red Riding Hood was so obsessed with hiding from the Wolf that she became crazy? She could hear him even when he wasn't near, she could see him behind her as she looked at windows and mirrors. She was so scared that her mind created it's own wolf from which she couldn't hide from?
For Halloween this year my workplace had notified us all that we must dress up... In all honesty I was pretty reluctant, partially because I didn't have the cash to be splurging on a full costume. I also wasn't really feeling halloween this year which isn't like me - After all I'm a self taught SFX makeup artist. I have also been a makeup artist for Twin Lakes Xtreme Scream Park event, I just didn't think it would be the most comfortable to do my work in all of the latex, prosthetics and costumes.

It was a last minute decision really to pull out my makeup kit and start working my magic...
It's easy to go in with all colours all at once, in hope that it will turn out good - realistically its not the case. The best work is done layer by layer. I started off with a white Snazaroo paint, first using a sponge to get an even layer. Then going in with a brush and giving the look a 'fur' like appearance from the brush strokes all going in the direction that fur should.
You might be wandering why I have only done half of my face... The answer for that was I had an old red riding hood costume, so I decided to put a twist on the old tale...

I had layered up a white, grey, black and then my own mixes of the paints to create a fuller looking coat.
On the left side of my face, I used a white, cream and purplish/red shade to create a smokey eye. I then used a pearly red from a Sarah G Cosmetics eyeshadow palette to give the look a bit more depth. Finishing off the eye look with a little black on the outer corner from the Makeup Rev Palette and a Maybelline gel liner.
I have to have my hair up for work, so I just left the house with the updo from the previous day - bed hair, I didn't want my hair to look overdone.
The costume I'm wearing is from Wicked Costumes - Their website is trade only, so I'm unsure where you can actually purchase this. My mother bought me mine from a charity shop.

What do you think to this look? What are you dressing as for Halloween?


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  1. Girl!!! This is amazing. You are excellent at your craft and should frame these photos!! They are amazing

  2. This costume and makeup is incredible! Thanks for sharing your masterpiece.

  3. Beautiful!! Its time to step out your shell and be someone else, and truly play the part!
    Helene Goldnadel

  4. Oh my gosh what a fun concept! You look absolutely GORGEOUS; both as little red riding hood and as the wolf haha!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  5. Your makeup is stunning and this is such a clever idea for a costume! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week so far! I had the day off yesterday which was lovely :)

    Away From The Blue Blog | Baby Hamper Giveaway

  6. Beautiful pictures. I'd like to frame it and hang it on the wall.